Too many tools to even build something

There is an argument to be made that there are many tools that do the same thing. This applies both in the mechanical sense, as well as the social, and software sense. There is many different tools that can be used to implement the steps in creating a physical structure such as buildings, roads, tunnels, and boats. Not all the tools will be equally effective in completing the task that needs to be done, however. Even within a very specific case there could be many tools to a very specific task.

This does not differ terribly from the tools available in software. There are of course many different word processing tools, development tools, programming languages, lexical processors, etc. The tool that is often used is the one that is well adopted by others and has gained acceptance among the skilled craftsmen of that community(the craftsmen here being software developers, engineers, and architects). This does not necessarily mean the most efficient tool is being used or the simplest to use. The process by which a tool initially gains adoption is influenced by a set of different factors then its actual absolute characteristics. One must keep in mind though, the characteristics themselves of a tool are being determined relatively by the craftsmen ( or software engineers of that trade).