The future is hybrid(probably)

Not too different from companies having a hybrid model of their architecture(keeping some data on-prem and some on the cloud), the same too can probably be expected of the return to work model for tech workers.

Realistically speaking, certain employees in the technology world do not necessarily need in person human interaction to complete work. Writing software in particular only requires the developer to have access to the internet(to commit code to an enterprise repository) and a laptop(or a tablet for the super savvy). The infrastructure for high speed internet is readily available in most of the “developed countries” and at times the infrastructure for internet outpaces the other development of a country.

Most likely, the future will be more open ended than it has been in the past. The option for workers to go into an office or meeting space on specific days for team meetings and collaboration seems to be preferred option by most informal surveys. The implementation of this work model of course will still depend on childcare and schools to open for near pre-pandemic capacities. The return to school for children itself though depends on vaccine penetration and Covid immunity in a given population.

All this uncertainty aside, this much is certain, it certainly will lead to some interesting migration and real estate buying patterns over the next couple years. It certainly is too soon for anyone to make a really educated theory.